At the doors of Alto Douro’s vineyard, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity, Altamira’s House is located in a region with great natural, ethnographic and historical value. The slopes, rivers, valleys and fields that surround the house, were formerly Portugal’s first King D. Afonso Henriques refuge, during all his youth. We can also find in this region, traces of other ages, such as pré-historical engraving, roman bridges and also important architectural sets of medieval origin.
With an enchanting view over Douro river, Altamira’s House provides the pleasure of contemplation of one of the most beautiful and important portuguese valleys. Built in the XIX century, the house has a robust architectural moth, of Belgian and North of France inspiration, Historically representative of that period, it is associated with the company that built the famous Douro railway. Totally renewed and with a rich detail-based decoration, Altamira’s House has the comfort and all the modern facilities, without losing the familiarity and charm of the rural housing tourism.
From Altamira’s House, we can set off to discover the famous green wines and great gastronomical variety of the region. Going up to Montemuro mountain, a great variety of picturesque sceneries appear as a treat to the eye and an invitation for bounding and walks. On the opposite direction, the descent to the many rivers in the surroundings offer the possibility of nautical practice such as rafting, canoeing, fishing or you can simply go for a boat outing and admire the unforgettable landscape.